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Accesses blocked websites and keeps your identity hidden
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Encrypts the data you send and get back by scrambling your passwords, e-mails, and browsing activity. While using a public wifi, hackers are blocked from accessing your details, thus your privacy is protected. Your online identity is also concealed, and you can access any website even if it's blocked by your school or office.

As you may have guessed from its name, FinchVPN is a software client that uses the homonymous service to protect your privacy and bypass various types of restrictions. The program’s graphical user interface makes it quite easy to use. It has various tabs that let you go straight to the intended feature.

The tool lets you choose the desired VPN server. Although located in 18 different countries, they are shamefully fewer than those available from other similar services. Luckily, some of the servers are available for free; however, these are also the ones providing the lowest connection speeds. By the way, the program features a speedometer, which is intended to provide you with a real-time report of the servers and their response times. In addition, two different protocols are supported: OpenVPN and PPTP, which guarantee your data travel encrypted and indecipherable by your Internet service provider (ISP).

FinchVPN claims they do not share your private information with third-parties and do not keep logs of your transactions when you pay for their services. However, there is always a risk that sensitive data may end up in the wrong hands.

All in all, FinchVPN offers a fast and stable encrypted connection that allows you to evade such restrictions as local rules and geographical filters. Besides their rather limited free plan, FinchVPN sells Premier and Pro plans as well, which offer broader bandwidth, unlimited traffic quota, and port forwarding.

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  • Provides reports of the speeds of the servers
  • Supports two protocols
  • Fast and stable


  • Servers in fewer countries than other similar services
  • Risk of your data being shared with third parties
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